What do donations go toward?

All donations go directly to UNITE (Uniting Nursing Homes in Tribal Excellence).  All donations are tax deductible.

Why should you donate?

There are many Tribal Elders and disabled Tribal members living in facilities across the United States. These facilities are home to those needing LTC (Long Term Care) services because of a disability or age. However, many Tribal residents do not feel like they are at home when they are displaced from Tribal land to get the care they need.  They do not always get frequent visits by loved ones and they may miss community and cultural events, struggle with feeling isolated and lonely, and lack the discretionary income buy something for themselves or others. UNITE assists Tribes to provide their own long-term care facilities on Tribal land.


Your donation makes a direct impact in the life of our Native American Elders and disabled Tribal Members. Give hope to those in need. Combat isolation and loneliness. Feel good about making a difference!

How can you donate?

  1. Give a onetime donation (Adopt an Elder/Disabled Tribal Member Program)
  2. Give a monthly donation (Adopt an Elder/Disabled Tribal Member Program)
  3. Shop for an appropriate Tribal gift and donate in honor of a friend or a loved one

Make a connection TODAY!

Send a check to:

1640 S 70th Street
Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68506

Or donate via PayPal:

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